What is LowCaller?

LowCaller will help you save dramatically on your international calls, without changing anything to the way you use your mobile phone. It is a very small piece of software that you can DOWNLOAD to your mobile phone.

How does LowCaller do that? Well, LowCaller tells your phone to access the LowCaller system through a local access number. If you have a contract with your mobile operator, calls to the LowCaller access number will normally fall within your regular monthly bundle. If you are a pay-as-you go customer, your mobile operator will typically charge you the cost of a local call. Once your call has reached the LowCaller access number, Lowcaller takes care of connecting the call at incredibly LOW RATES using your existing account at one of the supported prviders.

LowCaller does not use your mobile phone's data connection to set up calls.

Start making cheap call on your mobile phone and Get LowCaller.